Why Industrial Coatings Are More Than Just Paint

If you’re working on a new construction project or looking to modernize old floors, industrial concrete coatings are a great solution. Offering safer and extremely durable options, these high-end coatings are a fantastic way to enhance any industrial workspace.

High Durability

Whether your industrial space is mainly used for storage or is the central space for distribution, durable high-quality floors are an important amenity. Designed to withstand heavy traffic, extreme chemicals and harsh weather conditions, our commercial applications can survive through the most!

Improved Safety

Industrial coatings are a crucial aspect when it comes to creating a safe work environment. In areas where floors may be regularly exposed to any sort of liquid, it’s important that they are easy to clean and are slip-resistant. With non-skid products incorporated in our coatings, these floors are a proactive approach to keeping people safe in any environment.

Low Maintenance

The less upkeep needed, the better! Whether it’s an education building, hospitality or health and fitness facility, ensuring you have easy to clean, sanitary floors is important. These seamless floors are a cleaner option as opposed to tile. Without grout lines, concrete coatings improve cleanliness, lowering the chance of bacteria and dirt to form. These floors work great in locker rooms, pools, and even in kitchens!


Not only do industrial coatings provide durability, improved safety and are incredibly easy to maintain, but they are extremely aesthetically pleasing and fully customizable. Whether you’re looking for a high-gloss finish or a colorful look, these coatings are designed to be tailored to your needs.

Ready to protect your industrial space with superb concrete coatings? Concrete Science can help! With our innovative, creative and diligent concrete professionals, our team can provide you with long-lasting, high-quality results to enhance your workplace.

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