What Is Concrete Resurfacing?

Concrete resurfacing is a cementitious overlay product that combines basic Portland cement, fine sands, polymer modifiers and other additives designed to create adhesion. Unlike other concrete and cement products, concrete resurfacing is intended to be applied in very thin coats, which creates a new, strong surface.

When Can It Be Installed?

Resurfacing is a great option if the damage is mostly cosmetic. If the existing slab of concrete has small chips and fractures and hasn’t structurally cracked through, your concrete is probably an ideal candidate for resurfacing.

Benefits of Resurfacing

Unless there are issues with the foundation of your driveway, resurfacing concrete instead of replacing it gives it the look of brand-new concrete without the high price attached.

This option is cost-effective, saving not only time but money. Resurfacing creates stunning curb appeal, allows for custom designs and avoids tearing up your surrounding outdoor space during installation. Keeping your concrete resilient to future damage, resurfacing instead of replacing is a great solution when it comes to repairing your concrete!

Surface Preparation:

Preparation with professional tools is essential to creating long-lasting results when resurfacing your existing concrete.

The basic steps in resurfacing prep are:

  1. Cleaning the concrete to remove any debris left behind that could prevent the ability of the overlay to properly bond.
  2. Remove any unstable concrete such as spalling or scaling.
  3. Repair and fill any cracks.
  4. Strip away any existing coatings, sealers or paints that currently exist on the concrete.
  5. Profile the concrete to improve the bond/grip of the new resurfacing product that is being applied. This is a process of grinding the initial layer of concrete.
  6. Apply the product to the repaired surface.
  7. Finish with a sealer or floor finish to protect the surface.
  8. Wait 24-72 hours before using the new concrete.

What Do We Resurface?

  • Pool decks
  • Patios
  • Walkways

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